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Card Catalogue: TITLE (M-P)


Madame Bovary

1857, Gustave Flaubert

An unhappily married woman pursues a lifelong quest for the fulfillment of her romantic desires, by any means necessary.


The Mayor of Casterbridge

1886, Thomas Hardy

The fortunes of a strong-willed hay-trusser prove to be as volatile as he is.


My Name Is Aram

1940, William Saroyan

An open and curious boy growing up in an Armenian community in California encounters the rich quirkiness of his family and neighbors.


Njáls Saga 


1270-1290, anonymous

A sage in medieval Iceland attempts to restore order in the face of bloody vengeance and warrior’s honor.



“On Fairy-stories”

1938, J. R. R. Tolkien

The realm of Faërie is no frivolity, but a place of profound enchantment, offering glimpses into deep mysteries and addressing fundamental human desires.


“On Taste”

1759, Edmund Burke

What does it really mean for an opinion to be “a matter of taste”?


One of Cleopatra’s Nights

(Une nuit de Cléopâtre)

1838, Théophile Gautier

A young hunter is willing to die to be with queen Cleopatra for just one evening.


The Oregon Trail

1849, Francis Parkman

Horses, rifles, and knives see a party of adventurers through the land of expansive plains, craggy mountains, buffalo, and the Sioux.


Passages from the American Notebooks

1835-1853, Nathaniel Hawthorne

The exercise of a young author’s pen creates images of the New England landscape and its people.



14th century, The West Midlands Poet

A father struggles to recover faith and peace after losing his baby daughter.